Why clients choose INSIGHTFUL?

Financial Advisor and planner benefits


Our advice is trusted, honest, and focused on what is best for you, not influenced by product sales. We are a fee-only service and work only for you. This means we recommend only the best-suited products, no matter how simple or complex it is, and show you ways to eliminate unwanted commissions and hidden fees.


We do not represent or sell products of any bank, mutual fund or insurance company. We have the freedom to research, analyse, and recommend any product or solution available in India that suits your unique needs and which offers the best value.


We take time to understand your unique challenges and goals and provide solutions tailored to you. We maintain a one-to-one relationship with you and monitor the implementation and progress of the plan.


Yes, you pay a fee for our service, but clients choose to work with us because we save and benefit them much more than the fee. The more we save for you, the better we are valued. As a result, our goals align and it is a win-win situation.


Only Advisers approved by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) are authorized to provide fee-only holistic investment advice. Vikram is one of the very few in India and a handful in Tamil Nadu, registered with SEBI as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). It is only after stringent guidelines on education and experience are met that SEBI grants this licence.


The advice you get is highly professional, transparent, well researched and always in your best interest. With the fiduciary level of care overseen by SEBI, we use a formal approach to planning, risk profiling, documentation, disclosures and transparency.

The only source of revenue for us is the fee we charge clients for our work. We do not sell products and so do not earn commissions or any other payments from the products we recommend.

Why not get free advice from Banks, Mutual Fund or Insurance agents?

The service offered by banks, mutual fund or insurance agents appears to be free. Unfortunately, nothing is free, and the cost of free advice or incorrect product choice is usually very high.

Mutual fund, insurance sales, retirement planning. 


Most financial products are sold through distributors like banks, mutual fund or insurance agents. They are focused on selling products that help them achieve their targets or earn better commissions, rather than educating and advising what is right for clients. This becomes biased advice.


A bank, mutual fund or insurance agent will recommend only products they offer and educate you about its benefits. It may not necessarily mean it is the best product for you. The best solution for you can be identified only when all offerings in the market are compared in an unbiased manner. A financial planner has the tools and resources to do that and identify the best investment solution for you. 


You go to an insurance agent to buy insurance, a mutual fund company for investments, a bank for savings or loans, and an auditor for tax advice. Each one gives you advice in their field, but no one looks at how all these pieces fit into the big picture. There are many benefits to looking at your financial life holistically and getting advice in one centralized place. 


The client relationship with product distributors and salesmen is often impersonal as they focus on sales and do not take time to understand your unique needs. You also most likely had people selling you investments or insurance policies, later changing jobs or losing contact with you. A financial planner builds strong long-term client relationships and works with your unique needs, one-to-one.

.. and many more. 

So how do we benefit and create value for you?

Our model is simple. We succeed when we save you much more than the fee you pay us. That is how we create value and we cannot justify a fee otherwise.

We do this in many ways, some quantifiable and some not. Here are some of the quantifiable benefits.

  • Because we work for you and not for commissions, we develop strategies and recommend products with the lowest or no commissions and hidden fees. This in itself could be more than the fee you pay.
  • In addition, we review your current investments, insurance and identify ways to improve performance, reduce hidden fees and commissions, saving you money starting immediately.
  • Through our holistic approach, we look at every aspect of your finances, and identify ways to improve efficiency and cost savings.
  • Wrong product selection could cost you thousands, lakhs or sometimes crores in the long run. We ensure that you always get into the right products that best suit your needs and risk profile.

The benefits that are not quantifiable include having clarity of your finances, having a third person view of your finances, taking appropriate risk management measures to reduce the impact of life’s uncertainties, peace of mind that you are on track to achieve your goals, having a professional working for you so you can concentrate on the things you do best and always being fully informed before making financial decisions.

Get in touch with us for a no-obligation discussion and we will demonstrate the benefits for your specific scenario.