We offer many services to help you shape your financial future. Take a look below and let us know how we can help. 

Financial goals, Investment advice, Retirement planning, Life insurance, Mutual funds, SIP. - India

With this comprehensive service, we can help you clearly identify, quantify your unique goals, understand your current situation and develop efficient strategies to achieve your goals. We research and recommend solutions tailored to your needs and educate you on all the options available in an unbiased manner. With professional risk profiling, diversification, asset allocation and risk management, your written financial plan is developed and implemented.

This applies to any individual or family, no matter what your age, income or wealth is. Your goals can be saving for child’s education and marriage, buying a home or car, retirement planning, pension, insurance or just investing to grow wealth.


Identifying goals – Risk profiling – Investment planning – Insurance – Tax planning – Cash flow analysis

Wealth management, portfolio management, Interest rate alerts, Stock market alerts.

Wealth Management service is for individuals and families who have a financial plan and would like a professional to review and monitor their investments so they can concentrate on what they do best. Investments would be reviewed in an unbiased manner and necessary modifications will be recommended to ensure it is efficient and stays in line with the client’s goals. We will monitor the investments and keep you informed on your progress. Keep in mind that your funds are invested outside and never with us, we only act as a consultant.


Portfolio management – Performance monitoring – Periodic reviews – Opportunity alerts

Investment and insurance review, second opinion, debt management, loans, cash flow, real estate plan.

We could also help you with one or a combination of the stand-alone services that you require.

  • Review of existing investments and insurance

  • Second opinion on new investments, insurance or loans

  • Financial health check

  • Net worth and cash flow analysis

  • Investment planning for specific goals

  • Insurance needs analysis

What about fees?

To begin with, fees are NOT based on your net worth or income. It rather depends on the depth of the above service required by you, ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 (inclusive of GST).

Clients choose to pay fees for trusted advice, because the value got from this unbiased approach is many times more than the one-time fee they pay. They understand that 'free' advice is more expensive than 'fee' advice. We ensure that wrong product choices, hidden fees and commissions are avoided, and you make fully informed financial decisions. You get one-on-one personalized advice, tailor made to your unique requirements and financial goals.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation introduction with Vikram to learn how you will benefit from our services, before you make a decision about working with us. 

We are not involved in financial product sales and are not affiliated with any financial institution. When investing in the products and solutions we recommend, you do so directly with the provider. We only act as a consultant and monitor your investments.